This Is DPO.

Expertise. Experience. Independence.

Expertise, experience and independence – these are the primary qualities required for an effective data protection officer.

This is DPO is an external DPO service which gives you:

  • access to the right level of expertise,
  • experience at a variable, appropriate cost,
  • the security that comes from an independent, external view.



This Is DPO.

Who needs a DPO?

Appointing a DPO tells the market that your organisation is taking data protection seriously.  And it’s one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself from the costs of getting data protection wrong.


This Is DPO.
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What a DPO is. And what a DPO isn’t.

Adviser, evangelist, assessor, critic, facilitator: this is what the GDPR expects from the DPO.  The closest analogy is a non-exec director with a specific responsibility for data protection.

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Why an external DPO?

A data protection officer can be internal or external.  For most organisations, an external DPO is a better solution.


Find out why.